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Bags of clothing stored at a clothing recycling business


Bags of clothing stored at a clothing recycling business

Maple Ridge

How You Will Benefit From Recycling Your Textiles

Recycling your textiles carries both tangible (monetary) and intangible value:

Tangible Value

We currently offer the public money for all of your used clothing, shoes, hats, bags, belts, etc. This also serves the added benefit of freeing up your valuable space in a quick and easy way.

Intangible Value

Feel good about yourself. You are helping to slow down the effects of fast fashion on our global environment (pollution, landfill growth, water withdrawal) by lengthening the life cycle of your clothes when you sell to us. You are also directly contributing to the creation of a circular economy and helping thousands of people around the world earn a living.

Our Process

What You Can Expect

Step 1

Bring your clothes to a drop-off location near you

Step 2

Put them on the scale

Step 3

Get paid cash

  • All used men’s, women’s, & children’s clothing
  • All men’s, women’s, and children's shoes. Including dress shoes, slippers, sandals, runners, boots, etc.
  • All men’s, women’s, children’s hats, bags, & belts. Purses, backpacks, wicker bags, computer bags, etc.
  • Household textiles like bed sheets, comforters, bed covers, towels, table clothes, drapes, etc.


What We DON’T Accept: Very torn or very dirty clothes, wet clothes, books, furniture, electronics, pots & pans, pillows, etc.